The Adam Morgan Show #62: Drupal Confusion

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Today I circle back to Drupal drama discussing the recently published open letter to Dries Buytaert regarding Larry Garfield, a core contributor, who was asked to resign due to his BDSM/Gor lifestyle. I share my conflicted perspective on the issue as well as the lack of input from diversity and inclusion initiatives within tech.

Today I discuss proposed legislation requiring Uber to provide a tipping option to their app and why this is bad economic policy. I also share what the sharing economy would look like in a true free market economy. In a bizarre turn of events, the Community Working Group at Drupal released a statement full of contradictions leaving me even more confused about why Larry Garfield was removed from Drupal.


Uber and tipping:

Robert Nozick’s Tale of the Slave:

Juicer the $400 juicer:

Klaus Purer stepping down:

Drupal Community Working Group response:

Drupal Confessions’ response to CWG: